Oct 272009

Heading home — So some closing comments:

Paris Museum Pass: Extremely handy.  They come in different denominations (days).  It doesn’t “start” until your first visit, and you can re-visit a museum or site any number of times within the span of days for your pass.

Metro/Bus/RER Passes and Carnet: I was going to get a Paris Visite multi-day pass, but usually started my days walking, and then taking the Metro back to the hotel on a single journey ticket.  I finally did get a carnet (10 tickets) but ended up carrying 4 unused ones home.  Your ticket is read when you board a bus or enter a station — keep it with you throughout your journey in case an inspector asks for it.  The RAPT web site has good information.

Pass Bundlers: Some services will bundle the Paris Museum Pass and the Paris Visite pass and either mail it to your home, or deliver it to your hotel.  However, they charge a hefty fee for the service.

Hotel: I stayed at the Best Western Hotel Eiffel Segur.  Small but clean rooms.  Close to two metro stations.  A little market diagonally across the street, and a convenience store a block away next to the Midas Muffler shop.  The room was booked through Expedia.

Airport Transportation: I didn’t want to use the Metro or the RER lugging my suitcase. camera case, and knapsack.  It makes you a “mark”, and with a case full of Leica gear, represents a pretty good chunk of money.  Taxis are expensive from CDG, so I booked a door-to-door shuttle in advance.  I used Paris Airport Shuttle.  The total cost for both trips was 54 Euros.  The confirmation e-mail is very detailed and gives you a toll-free number to call after you land at CDG.

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