Mar 132010

One that almost slipped past me…

Samson GoMic

I’d been asked to come up with some recommendations for microphones and recorders suitable for travel writing and field recording.  One of the challenges has been to find a compact microphone that can plug directly into a computer’s USB port and which allows live monitoring.  Many (most?) USB mics require that you monitor through the computer, which causes a noticeable time lag (latency).  That makes it very difficult to record.

In my first searches for mics I somehow managed to miss the Samson GoMic.  However it turns out to be a pretty neat little package.  It has a cardioid pattern, so ambient noise is minimized.  The base is clever and works quite well.  And it comes in a nice zippered case.  The main shortcoming is that it does pick up speech “pops”.  In use, you might need to set the mic off axis from your mouth if you don’t use some kind of pop filter.  (I’m going to see if I can make a little foam wind screen for mine.)

Jan 182010

And a New Microphone.

(This guy looks more than a little like R2D2.)

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue microphones has started shipping their Yeti USB microphone.  The biggest operational advantage over most other USB microphones is that you can monitor your recording session without a time lag (latency).  This mic also offers four patterns:  Stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bi-directional.  A brief description and audio samples are on my website.

The next microphone I’ll be looking at is the Tascam TM-ST1 stereo condenser mic.  I’m looking for an alternative to stereo mics in the $300+ range for those who are just starting out in field recording.

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