Nov 222009

Following a two-day workshop on Travel Writing in the Digital Age, I realized I needed to update my web pages on field recording with digital audio recorders — and also add a page with information that was relevant to the course objectives.

I have a couple more details to polish, and I’m waiting for piece of equipment to show up that could be the solution to one of the problems encountered when recording to a laptop, but you can go to the TOC for my audio web pages right now.

Nov 072009

The verdict:  It works.

Obviously I’m not going to do any intensive computing with the netbook.  But I was able to download and catalog photos, sort and edit phots (including conversion from RAW), record blog pages, and insert photos into the blog.

I’m running MicroSoft Office application with no problem, which means no relearning another word processor of e-mail application.

I wouldn’t want to sit at the netbook for 8 hours, and the 1024 x 600 (or 1024 x 600 window on a virtual 1024 x 768 screen) isn’t perfect.  But the ASUS fires up quickly and communicates well.  I have additional connectivity options in the form of a B/G/N USB WiFi adapter that runs on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  I can also use my Verizon USB air card.

I’m pleased.

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