May 152011
My Ride (Retro/Industrial)

Just a little photo-diversion…Checking out a new camera (Fujifilm X100) with the scooter in the lower level of the Metro garage.

Piaggio MP3 500 (Shot with Fujifilm X100)

This started out as a normal color image, but was rendered in B&W in Photoshop using Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro.  The fill flash also lit up the reflective rim tape and speed tape.

Aug 082010

(That’s What Scooters Do.)

Piaggio MP3 500

Not exactly the kind of scooter Gregory Peck and Audry Hepburn motored around on in “Roman Holiday”…500 CCs and a top speed of around 90 (I’ve only had it up to 75).

I was warned…People will walk across parking lots to ask “What is that?”.  And roll down their window at stoplights on Route 7 to ask the same question.

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