Sep 062011

Earlier from Philadelphia…

The previous posting has pictures from a recent trip to Philadelphia.  That reminded me of a shot taken in 2004 (I believe) early one morning from a hotel room window…Hand-held, pressed against the window for steadiness

I’m not sure how good a picture it really is, but I’ve always liked the “atmospherics”.  This how it feels to be in a strange room in a strange city early in the morning.

Early Morning in Philadelphia

This was shot with a Leica M6, using a 35mm f/2.5 Cosina/Voigtlander lens on Ilford chromogenic B&W film and scanned.

Aug 272011

Evening Walkabout With the Fuji X100

Attending a conference earlier this week a couple of blocks from the river game me a chance to do a little walking around with the Fuji X100.  The X100 imposes one significant restriction; it has a fixed focal length lens.  No zoom, so you have to compose by thinking through things a little more, and moving the camera (an yourself) instead of zooming the lens (or changing lenses).  That said, the camera’s large sensor and good low-light characteristics give the photographer more technical capacity to work with.

USS Olympia and USS Becuna:  To say that the cruiser  Olympia is iconic is a bit of an understatement.  Commodore Dewey’s flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay, Olympia also transported the remains of America’s Unknown Soldier from France to the United States in 1921.  The fate of Olympia is uncertain, and the ship may be moved, sunk for a reef, or scrapped.  Keeping old ships afloat is very expensive and requires period dry-dockings which may run into the millions of dollars.  Dry berthing, now being studied for the battleship USS Texas, is initially expensive, but may be the only practical way to save these very old hulls.

Becuna is a late WWII submarine which made five war patrols.  Becuna was decommissioned in 1969.

The cruiser USS Olympia and submarine USS Becuna

USS New Jersey:  Berthed across the Delaware River in Camden, New Jersey as a museum, this ship is an Iowa class battleship, the final class of battleship completed by the US Navy.  New Jersey was laid down in 1940 and commissioned in 1943, the second of six ships of her class, four of which were completed.  New Jersey was decommissioned for the final time in 1991.

USS New Jersey, framed by the restaurant/club ship Moshulu

I like the swans and the color…

Swan boats and kayaks

Local guys fishing near the observation tower. USS Olympia and Philadelphia in the background.


There’s just something incongruous about these swan boats watching over an old warship through the night.  Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Swan boats and USS Olympia at night

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