Feb 022010

A lower cost stereo microphone alternative

I ran a quick test of this mic in a voice-over situation.

Tascam TM-ST1 Stereo Microphone

It’s not a world beater, but for someone starting out in recording, and especially those who travel and find space for goodies is at a premium, this might do the job.

Although this photo from Tascam has the mic in a pretty vertical orientation, you can see the small diameter weighted base.  It actually works pretty well.  You can adjust the stereo pickup of the mic between 90 and 120 degrees and teamed with a good digital recorder you could cover a fair amount of recording.  Circuit noise is noticeable in quiet situations, so this isn’t the mic you’d want for environmental recordings.

Nov 222009

Following a two-day workshop on Travel Writing in the Digital Age, I realized I needed to update my web pages on field recording with digital audio recorders — and also add a page with information that was relevant to the course objectives.

I have a couple more details to polish, and I’m waiting for piece of equipment to show up that could be the solution to one of the problems encountered when recording to a laptop, but you can go to the TOC for my audio web pages right now.

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