Jan 182010

And a New Microphone.

(This guy looks more than a little like R2D2.)

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue microphones has started shipping their Yeti USB microphone.  The biggest operational advantage over most other USB microphones is that you can monitor your recording session without a time lag (latency).  This mic also offers four patterns:  Stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bi-directional.  A brief description and audio samples are on my website.

The next microphone I’ll be looking at is the Tascam TM-ST1 stereo condenser mic.  I’m looking for an alternative to stereo mics in the $300+ range for those who are just starting out in field recording.

Dec 122009

I’ve updated my field recording equipment pages.

The TOC is here.

The first page is a brief survey of some Field Recording equipment.  This is fairly general — not just for travel writers.

The second page emphasizes equipment and practices that apply more to Travel Writers.

Recording "studio" in a walk-in closet. The digital recorder is clamped to the mic's floor stand, and the clamp also serves as a hanger for the headphones. The script is clipped to a rack of ties.

The third page has Audio Samples using equipment the way a travel writer might when making voice-overs for a blog or slide show.  I intend to add some more samples since I just got a shotgun microphone.

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