Dec 122009

I’ve updated my field recording equipment pages.

The TOC is here.

The first page is a brief survey of some Field Recording equipment.  This is fairly general — not just for travel writers.

The second page emphasizes equipment and practices that apply more to Travel Writers.

Recording "studio" in a walk-in closet. The digital recorder is clamped to the mic's floor stand, and the clamp also serves as a hanger for the headphones. The script is clipped to a rack of ties.

The third page has Audio Samples using equipment the way a travel writer might when making voice-overs for a blog or slide show.  I intend to add some more samples since I just got a shotgun microphone.

Nov 222009

Following a two-day workshop on Travel Writing in the Digital Age, I realized I needed to update my web pages on field recording with digital audio recorders — and also add a page with information that was relevant to the course objectives.

I have a couple more details to polish, and I’m waiting for piece of equipment to show up that could be the solution to one of the problems encountered when recording to a laptop, but you can go to the TOC for my audio web pages right now.

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